I’m sitting at the exit of a ride in Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. I’m waiting for my students to go through the line while I hold their mountain of bags and goodies. The ride is akin to Disney’s Splash Mountain, and it’s called Toon Lagoon. These details aren’t relevant. 

What’s been on my mind is the effect of the gut-wrenching screams being emitted from nearly every mouth as it is forced down a steep slope of watery adventure. These screams, though at times comical, are all communicating the same non-humorous message:
“I’m scared. I don’t know what to expect. What was I thinking? I want off this ride!!”
That’s vulnerability leaking out, people. And no one looks in alarm at the petrified 38 year old me who is screaming like a teenager. No one questions the fear. When you see the ride, you get it. It would actually be odd if people DIDN’T scream. 

What’s interesting to me is that this natural vulnerability should also be expected in our daily lives. So often we forgo the honest “I’m scared” and the real “I don’t know what to expect” for “I’m fine! How are you?” We push away the healing power of a good vulnerable “scream” and push down our hurts to, what? Save face? 
How’s that working? 
I think it would be cathartic, healing, monumental if we allowed ourselves to express truth, like that man being forced down on the wild ride by gravity. 

So, I’ll start!
Marriage, my next ride:
I’m scared. I don’t know what to expect. What was I thinking? 

But, I am still  so GLAD I chose to get on this ride.❤️