Disconnected Power Chord

I was getting ready to have a lengthy phone conversation with a friend today and I caught myself seaching for my bluetooth ear piece. Then I remembered that, even if I found it, I wouldn’t be able to use it: I lost the power chord many moons ago. 
How many of you have electronic devices that are now banished to the “unchargeables” pile? I personally have about 5 or 6 items that I can no longer use because their power source has run away. And it’s silly for me to hold onto them still, but I sense there is this hope in me that one day, I will find a way to recharge the item and behold its brillance again. 

But that probably won’t happen. Once something is lost in my home, it stays there, stubborning refusing to be found. 

This all got me thinking about the connection to when I feel “uncharged” or lacking a direct line to my Power Source (God). Sadly those moments can occur  when I get caught up in the chaos of life and the routines I have established each day. Life is hard. Humaning isn’t easy. Adulting is lame some days. Don’t get me wrong: I love being grown and alive!  I also recognize the challenges that exist in staying constantly connected to my “Power Chord.” Sometimes life gets in the way, and I don’t plug in. Then I find myself feeling the effects of a lack of connection to God much like my useless stack of electronic devices. 

Thankfully, there is no possible way to lose the “chord” that connects me to God. It will not ever be severed or lost, and I am so glad that is the truth. I often sit in awe of how God set up His systems: His rhythms are perfect. He knew there would be days (weeks…months..years) where His children would stray, be disconnected, or get caught in the waves of busyness. And yet! He provided a way back to Him. From the moment I welcomed God into my heart, He took up residence and chose not to leave. No matter what I do, He is there. 

One of my favorite lines from “Come Thou Fount” is 

“Prone to wonder, Lord I feel it. Prone to Leave the God I love.”

Right there! That’s it! I am prone to leave, to wonder, to get lost along the way. God knows that…and He provides a way back every time. 

Today I am thankful I will never spiritually be without my Source. The fate of my bluetooth head set is not so positive, but such is the life of man-made devices. Not with God though, and that’s really good news. 

“Here’s my heart Lord, take and seal it. Seal it for thy courts above.”