Beating The Winter Blues

  Some call it Seasonal Depression. Others, Seasonal Associative Disorder (SAD). But mostly, we humans settle into a comfort zone of labelling this phenomenon: The Winter  Blues. 

No matter where I live, I find that the months of the year that are colder weigh heaviest on my moods. Admittedly, I have seen myself go from varying degrees of depression during the winter months, and I am nearly certain (and so is science) that the cold weather takes a toll on each of us in different emotional ways. Now, I know speaking about depression is uncommon, frowned upon, and socially damning in some cirlces. Thanksfully, I don’t run in those crowds. I find it’s best to be open and honest with ourselves about that which causes us to struggle, and also, give others the space to learn and grow from our transparency. 

I feel no shame admitting I get sad during the winter months. It’s my body’s natural reaction to the weather, and I can’t control that. What does bother me is thinking back on how I have poorly handled these feelings in the past, so moving forward, I am putting a plan in place to kick the Winter Blues’ frosty butt this year! If you’re interested in any of my information, just email me! ( I am a firm believer in community, and doing life together. I also believe that when we share our struggles with one another, we grow! 

Here is my plan for this winter:

1. Purchase a Negative Ion Generator plug in for my apartment (They are $16 on Amazon)

2. Purchase and use daily a full spectrum sunlight floor lamp (Lavish Home, silver, $40) This lamp gives off rays like sunlight and can help on the days when the sun doesn’t shine as much!(see image above) 

3. Work out 5 times a week (I dropped the ball on this one last year and suffered for it).

4. Schedule time with friends weekly. When I seasonally sad, I isolate, which creates a horrible cycle of sadness and solitude. Staying active, especially when I just want to be bunldes on my couch, ensures a better attitude. (I stil plan alone time because that’s needed, but 10 days in a row? No ma’am.)

5. The best possible nutrition. After my juice fast is over, I will be delving into the world of more fruits and veggies, and much less processed food. A healthy and balanced daily diet is key to keeping emotons healthy and balanced also. 
Do you do anything special to experience more joy during the cold months? Share in the comments!