To say I am excited in an understatement. I feel like I am literally coming out of my own skin with GLEE and JOY as I type this message.

I have wanted to launch for nearly nine months now. The process was slowed down a bit, but then just this week God opened some major doors! I am launching my website AND introducing the world to my I AM ENOUGH t-shirts! So much happening in a very short period of time, but God has been laying foundation for years now.

So, if you have a moment, please stop by my official page,, and see what’s going on. My prayer is that it continues to grow my ministry and bless others!

Thank you for always being a HUGE support of what God is doing in my life.

All my love,


I Am Enough T-Shirts!!!!!

Finally: I AM ENOUGH t-shirts are available!

Many of you already know this message is dear to my heart and I want people all over the globe to come to a place where we believe in our value and worth as we ARE and not as people say we should be. I know WHOSE I am, and that means I AM ENOUGH!

My amazing friend Kyle Sexton designed these beauties for me and I cannot wait to get them on people’s bodies! This message is TOO GOOD to hide!

So, I am offering a special deal to ANYONE, ANYWHERE who buys a shirt between now and 9/4/15 (next Friday) gets it for $10!!!! I will ship it to you if you’re not local! I don’t care where you live: I want these t-shirts floating around everywhere! Follow the directions and let’s work together to get the word out!

YOU ARE ENOUGH! Have a t-shirt that says it too!

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We All Need a Savior 

Missions work is not a foreign concept to me. Though I have traveled to foreign lands to serve God, the act of serving for His kingdom is not something that has confused me or given me pause. It seems very simple: show up, do work, save people.
I recently spent the weekend at City of Refuge with women from my church. We all went into this experience completely unaware of what we were going to do, but as I mentioned before, I had some ideas of what I could expect: doing a lot of work in a little period of time. This is not at all what happened when we arrived on campus.

 The RATL model of service is about “being with” the women and children instead of “doing for” (which is what my previous definition looked like). And as I began to just sit and listen to stories from the women in the room, I realized something incredibly humbling: I AM these women. In other words, nothing separates me from them. And when several volunteers mistook me for a resident, it became clear to me that God was at work in my heart, redirecting my image of “broken” to look very similar to the image I see daily in the mirror. As each woman I spoke with shared her own brokenness, it became abundantly clear to me I wasn’t there to save anyone, but to remember that I too am in need of a Savior.
So I didn’t rescue anyone during my time at RATL. I was the one who was worked on, by God, from the inside out. These women know Jesus by name: they have seen Him work miracles in their own lives and they have stories to prove it. Every woman I spoke with ministered the gospel to me by being with me and being transparent. And I walk away realizing that we are all broken, in need of salvation, and as we share our stories and spend time with one another, God’s hand is at work mending our hearts and knitting our tales together for His greater good.

Benefits of a Broken Heart 

In my humble opinion, heartache is quite possibly the worst emotional pain we humans can experience. It can feel, at times, that your heart has been shattered into tiny, unmanageable  pieces that will never beat together again. Heartache is so powerful it quite literally can take over your whole life for a period of time. 

I don’t think we were designed to withstand that kind of pain. Loss, in any capacity, is altering to a person. The heart yearns for what it can no longer have, and the brain must learn how to live in a world that just seems lacking. 

What’s interesting to me is the way God designed his relationship with us, His creation. It was never in God’s plan for us to experience the loss of Him, but in Genesis 3 we see very clearly Adam and Eve chose death over life with God. In making this choice, all humans to follow after the original sinners would have no choice but to experience life devoid of God. Unless…

Redemption. It’s God’s greatest magic trick. In His sovereignty, He made sure that I (you and I) never have to experience one second without his love or his presence. I will never have to suffer the loss of my God: He made sure of it! By sending Jesus to redeem my heart into His, God certified our relationship and basically put a metaphoric “ring on it!” He made sure I would never be without His love, thus guaranteeing I would never be heart broken over the loss of the One who loves me most. 
This is powerful. I actually cried about how beautiful this is. I think of all the loss we CAN experience as humans on this broken planet, and then I think about the one aspect of life I would never be able to recover from losing. And I realize that I never (ever ever ever) have to worry about experiencing that irreconcilable loss because the Lover of My Soul has bound me with Him for eternity by the action of Jesus dying on the cross. 

This is how I know love means action. This is how I know heartache wasn’t meant for us to deal with. This is how I know I am loved by a God whose grace is far more sufficient than I could comprehend  this side of Eden. 

And this is how I know my heart, broken and scared from the loss of human love, is not fully destroyed. My God allowed my heart to break so I could finally be at a place in my life where I would pray for Him to give me a psalm 51:10 newer and purer one! Where my prayer that His will and not my own has become REAL and the desire to see Him shift me has taken over completely. There is no fear in praying for God to take over when you’ve finally realized what an utter train wreck exists  when you’re in control. He’s got to be a better driver!! 

I guess a broken heart is perfect, actually. Because a broken heart can be fixed. ❤️

The Sacrifice of Brokeness 

I’ve recently started praying for God to dramatically change my heart. I believe the word “transplant” keeps coming up in my prayers. 
I want a new heart. 
I don’t mean in the Wizard of Oz kind of way: I mean in the Psalm 51:10 kind of change. I am asking God for a new and pure heart. The one I have is broken, wicked, and not fully in line with my Creator. 

What’s interesting is that later in Psalm 51, David speaks about his inability to offer a physical sacrifice great enough to appease God for his sin. As he’s writing this, he just sinned with Bathsheba and had Uriah killed in battle to cover his sins. David is telling God, what I believe God planted in his heart in the first place: the only path to true repentance and right relationship with God is by offering a sacrifice of brokeness. 

I have often thought that I was capable of cleaning myself up and presenting a perfect package to God. As if I had the power, self control, or ability to make myself clean and right in God’s eyes. We know Christ came because we weren’t capable of doing this alone. And yet, I still have fond memories of “hiding” sins from God, acting like I have everything together in my life, and wearing a deceitful  mask of perfection in public. All of which speak to God “I don’t need you. I can handle my issues alone and I prefer distance from you over the closeness that can provide me proper healing.” 

I’m thankful for David’s transparency and brokenness in the psalms. I’m glad he was honest about only being able to present God the sacrifice of a broken and contrite heart. Lately, I have been identifying with being “broken” especially when it comes to my heart. I question how could I possibly be getting closer to healing when I feel like little pieces of me are daily being chiseled away? But David’s words remind me of God’s profound truth: when I humble  myself (lay down the broken pieces) before the Lord, and admit (confess) that I am unable to properly mend them, it is only then when true healing begins. 

The sacrifice of brokeness is the only door through which right relationship with God exists. If I want true and proper healing (and I do!) I must first admit I’m broken, and can only be fixed by the One who knows me part by part. 

32 things…


Today I say goodbye to 31, and I must admit I am happily waving “hello” to 32. I know I haven’t changed much in a day, but in this year, God has really done a work in me that has brought new levels of healing and growth. Which leaves me excited about seeing what 32 will bring! 
So, I’m going to just leave you with a list of 32 things that make me smile; a great way to start off my new year. 
1. Hand written notes

2. Warm towels from the dryer

3. Golden Girls reruns 

4. Discovering a new tv show 

5. Christmas tree lights 

6. Zombie survival plans 

7. Babies laughing 

8. The smell of old library books 

9. Dog cuddles 

10. Laughing so hard it hurts 

11. Kind gestures from strangers 

12. Someone washing my hair 


14. When there is no laundry or dishes to clean!! 

15. Escada Sexy Grafitti perfume 

16. Sharing something personal that helps another person 

17. Random texts from people thinking about me 

18. Seeing the answers to prayers 

19. Looking at my past and seeing what God has done 

20. Putting events on the calendar 

21. Popcorn. All. Day. 

22. Tahitian tiara flower candle from Yankee Candle 

23. Worshipping God in song 

24. Soft pretzels 

25. Snug ankle socks that make my feet feel loved and protected 

26. When even my jewelry and my shoes match my outfit 

27. Fun Surprises 

28. Quality time with people I can trust 

29. “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire 

30. Songs that bring back good memories 

31.  Learning a new skill 

32. The feeling and sound of loud, live music 
Here’s to 32! 

May this year be filled with fun surprises and lots of snug ankle socks!