To Someone I Might Someday Love

(a poem written by Danni Tabor).

I was just wondering where you were.
Did you get lost on your way to find me?
Or, in looking, did you find someone else?
Of this I would not be surprised.

For in my years of looking for you
I have stumbled upon a wonder of impostors.
(None of whom I was legally fooled
into believing to be you).

So I can empathize with your lack of haste:
It is somewhat hard to let the good ones go.
But I must remind you, 
You are seeking one that is great.

I will be here, 
Or there, if there is where you
And I are meant to meet.

I won’t be waiting
Nor should you be waiting for me.

You will be a happy surprise
I would like to smilingly embrace
along this tedious voyage
we have both embarked upon.

So, to Someone I 
might someday love-
I wish you a safe
and incredible journey.

If you should get lost in
The eyes of another
I don’t deny my heart
will painfully ache.

But if Someday
I am Somehow to love You,
I strongly advise
You catch me while you can. 

Before someone else
I might someday love
beats you to the chance.

And I am Somewhat fooled
Into believing that 
he is the Someone
You were supposed to be.