I find myself to be a very introspective person. I often like to examine the why behind the what in my mind. Why do I feel this way? I am I afraid of that? Why can’t I do this?

I wish I could simply quiet my brain and live in the present moments of life,but I have yet to find a way.

So my question of late has been this: why exactly do people always disappoint me?

There are a number of reasons I’ve examined, most of them plausible. But my mind always comes back to the possibility that the full responsibility is my own. I am the one to blame for my own disappointment, because my expectations must be set way too high in man.

Which Is probably why I feel replaceable every now and then. This is certainly why I feel I “give so much” only to get “nothing” in return. And I’m convinced my high expectations in man are the sole reason I often think I’m very much alone, even when surrounded by people.

If I allow the Holy Spirit to do and be exactly what he is meant to do and be, my expectations would never be upset, for God never disappoints. Psalms speaks of my soul waiting on The Lord and my expectation being in The Lord. God knew our natural bent would be to look toward each other for happiness. That is why his word is sure to redirect our eyes (and our hearts) up.

I am irreplaceable to someone- and he’s above me. I need not look forward or behind me; my eyes need to tilt up. And in doing so, my expectations don’t need to fall. He will meet them. He always does.

Tip of the iceberg

Over the years, I find that the fault in much of my discontent in any situation lies heavily in my expectations. I have repeatedly set the bar high in almost all of my relationships and interactions, and I have repeatedly been disappointed and left wanting. 


Today it hit me that in truth, I will probably only get 10% of what I expect- from people and from situations. I call this my iceberg theory. You see, what we see of an iceberg is said to be only 10%, the rest lying beneath the water. In my thinking, I realize I want to map out and predict what the full iceberg will look like; I place my expectations in what I think I know is just below the surface. But in reality, that’s flawed logic. There is no way to know what lies beneath the surface (of an iceberg, an event,  or even a person). If I see 10%, can’t I just be happy with that? After all, that’s the part that I can clearly see. 


I’m realizing that I may only get to see the tip of the iceberg in some relationships. I may only get to experience a small portion of something or someone before I move on. A times, ill be permitted to go beneath the surface, but that permission is outside of what I can control. The bible is clear about this: my expectation is to rest solely in The Lord. I believe it is then, and only then, that even when I have been given a small portion, He turns the results into 100% satisfaction. In short- when what I expect is for Him to deliver, any result is far more than man can offer. Man will disappoint; God never will.