Not glorifying God

I have come to realization that I am currently in a season of life that isn’t glorifying to God. I am running myself ragged, making poor choices because of frustration and exhaustion, and spreading myself way too thin. I am overbooked, over working myself, and over it.

I believe I have gotten to a place where I am regressing, and not progressing. I feel I have set up a performance-based living that isn’t working out in any positive way. I am behind in my work, worn out in some aspects of ministry, and I have no clue where the answers or solutions are going to come from. I am not socializing as much as I would like to; I am not happy. I am not joyous, and though I am told by the Word that we can find joy in all seasons, I don’t feel it. I guess I can rejoice in the fact that I recognize something is wrong; that is good! And probably the first step in making changes.

I need help and discernment from God to know what to prune, what to adjust, what to take in. I need to eliminate some pressures and stresses in my life, and I also need to welcome in ways and habits that help when life gets me down. Right now, I have been reverting to just retreating away from society and into my little cubby of the world and feeling sorry for myself. I am done doing that.

Father, help me to get my life to place that is glorifying to you. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t beneficial to anyone. Help me to be more effective, and less exhausted!