As Bold as a Mouse

When it comes to my faith, my passions, and my career, I will fight tooth and nail to reach my goals. I work harder than is usually required, brain storming and breaking through walls and buriers each day. I feel very confident in my faith and my career, and in my abilities to be used in positive ways for God’s Kingdom in both arenas. When it comes to dating, I am about as bold as a mouse.

I am not nearly as bold as I should be when it come to my dating life. I have to sadly admit that though I KNOW I should be more actively involved in the process, it would give me great joy if the man who I am supposed to marry just approached me and told me he was the one. I actually have an nice scenario mapped out: I am walking down the pasta isle in the grocery store and I accidentally drop a box of wheat penne. When I go to pick it up, laughing at myself, a gorgeous man is grabs it for me and we smile at each other as we stand up. I laugh. He laughs. We marry six months later.

I am laughing at myself after typing this out: it sounds SO silly. Cute. But SILLY! If I am willing to put so much work and effort into some areas of my life, why don’t I feel the same push to do the same in this one area? I have never had the attitude that I want anything handed to me in life; on the contrary, my parents raised me to understand that I had to work for what I wanted. And other than my own salvation, I believe that there is always work to do in order to achieve anything. So, where is the motivation to do any work in this arena?

I know that I am not meant to pursue a man. As a woman of Christ, I understand that I am meant to be pursued. However; this dude isn’t going to come walking through my door! Shouldn’t I be out and about more? Shouldn’t I be in settings that constitute meeting someone new?

Or am I simply just doing what God has asked me to do? Can I put my mind at ease and just be content for a moment, or am I missing the mark here?

The good thing is that I don’t serve a God of confusion. Even though I feel as bold as a mouse right now, I have a God who is strong and enables me to be courageous. So as I type out some of my dating questions, I know God is already at work giving me guidance and answers. He gave me the desire for a husband. Therefore, he WILL fulfill it!

Until then, I am hopeful.

Danni 🙂

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I am a 32 year old teacher in Georgia, originally from Ohio (Go Buckeyes!). I am also a singer and I recently taught myself how to play guitar. For fun, I enjoy reading and lots of Netflix binges, which is my American right! I have also been known to cycle, run half marathons, and do just about whatever I set my mind to. A charming shepherd-mix dog named Kingsley lives with me and keeps me laughing at his antics at every turn. I am learning how to love the life I live with each passing day. Sometimes it's easy...other times, I write about it.

One thought on “As Bold as a Mouse”

  1. Since you asked…

    My advice is that you take your own advice: “…simply just do what God has asked you to do and put your mind at ease just be content for a moment.” You are positioned for THE BEST when you are positioned IN HIS WILL.

    And you are there.


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