I Made the Wrong Choice

In an effort to please my family this holiday season, I made a decision in favor of them. The down side? I am unhappy.
This is typically not the biggest ordeal in the world, but my lack of happiness stems from being out of alignment with God, and that is not something anyone should enjoy.

I chose to make my family happy. Bad idea? Not on the surface, but spiritually speaking, the decision sets me apart from God’s will, and that’s the problem. In the process of this situation, God continually tries to teach me how to seek His approval, and not man’s. Even our families will come against us when we make decisions for Christ.

Are you ready for the battle?

I learn more everyday….

The Right Questions

As human being, we all wrestle with a number of life’s difficulties on a daily basis. Some people can’t seem to find the job they want, while other aren’t happy with the house they live in. Of my struggles, the one that is most apparent to me today is the one I feel has been the veritable “thorn in my side” for as long as I can remember: I am believing the wrong things about myself.

Specifically, when it comes to my marital status (which is, and has been SINGLE) I am not looking at this through the appropriate lens. I have unfortunately believed a lot of lies about being single, and about myself, that aren’t helping me pass the tests that God is putting me through. Instead of feeling the way I do sometimes, I want to have constant peace and joy with this stage of my life. Because the fact of the matter is, the problem isn’t that I am single, the problem is that I am believing the wrong things about being single, and that internally, something is a miss.

So, I need to have some tough conversations with God that I have probably been avoiding. I need to stand before Him and get answers, but I’ve simply been asking the wrong questions. So, I need to know what the right questions are, so I can get the right answers. And no one on can tell me what those questions are, because God is the one who has to lay them on my heart.

I look forward to the time when I am out of this season of my life and can find happiness in that I survived it. Until then, I need to go put my protective gear on, because I am about to enter a battle, against myself.