Blogging-who sets the rules?

I was just about to get down on myself for my blogging “enough” lately, and then I had to ask myself an important question: who sets the rules on how often I should blog? I have to be real with myself and examine all that is going on in my life right now: teaching at a new school (5 different classes), 3 difficult graduate level classes (of which one is the dreaded Hebrew class), and all things church related (small group, worship, etc.).

So, if I really consider all that is going on, I can allow myself a little slack and acceptance and forgive myself for not posting regularly at the time. Tis a busy season, and with prayers and hope, I will be back up and running with much more consistency in the future. But if I am not, I forgive myself in advance. This is a marathon folks, not a sprint.

I send you my love and prayers if you’re reading this! Leave me a comment letting me know how you’re doing these days!


Danni ­čÖé