Vacation….from Facebook

It  has come to my attention that the more I explore the pages of facebook, I more down I become. I don’t know it’s because I see SO many engagements on a daily basis, or because as I sit semi-jobless in a new town, I feel insignificant. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am in the right place; I know I followed my heart and God’s guidance; I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others-EVER. What I also know is that I am a realist; it’s only natural for me to have and express the desires God placed in my heart as his daughter. Therefore, it’s only  natural for me to feel a little slighted, left-out, alone when I see what seems like the rest of the world pairing up.

Do I want to be married? Of course. Am I willing to sacrifice what I want in the long run for what I desire right now? Absolutely…NOT. I will not settle for just anyone, and I think this is a major reason why I am still alone. God has placed a mandate on my life, and has, for some insane reason, chosen me to do some pretty incredible things with some pretty incredible man by my side. And while I ache for that love it seems a lot of others have found, I am willing and able to wait as long as it takes (of Lord, that scared me to type  that sentence!) But seriously, it wouldn’t be worth it for me to say “yes” to the next guy just so I could post pictures on facebook and change my relationship status. It’s not worth throwing away my future just to get some comments about “how happy” everyone is for me.

I don’t say all this to put those people down who are getting engaged; I am SO happy for my friends who have true love and who are engaged or married to the person God planned for them. I say all this to help myself make sense of my emotions. I am just trying to figure out why all my male friends who look at facebook are seemingly unphased by the engagement announcements, while each one hits me like a knife. Is it a sex difference? Or is it just me? Regardless of the answer, I have made a firm decision to express love for myself, and avoid FB for a bit; at least until I can make sense of my feelings about it all.

Hoping I am not crazy,

Danni 🙂

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I am a 32 year old teacher in Georgia, originally from Ohio (Go Buckeyes!). I am also a singer and I recently taught myself how to play guitar. For fun, I enjoy reading and lots of Netflix binges, which is my American right! I have also been known to cycle, run half marathons, and do just about whatever I set my mind to. A charming shepherd-mix dog named Kingsley lives with me and keeps me laughing at his antics at every turn. I am learning how to love the life I live with each passing day. Sometimes it's easy...other times, I write about it.

One thought on “Vacation….from Facebook”

  1. Hi Danni-

    I’m friends with SiseneG and her cousin Michael. I just heard about your blog and wanted to comment ’cause as someone who writes and looks for feedback all the time, I like to do the same for others.

    You are right, and I must say I completely empathize with you on every level. I had to avoid FB for a long time because I made a choice to go on a three month fast with the Lord. It was one of the best decisions I made because it gave clearance to a lot of things meaning the Lord allowed me to discern more. I, too, will not settle and that is why I am still single. I am the Lord’s child and he wants the best “MAN’ for me, but right now HE is. I can only praise him for what man he will send my way!

    Kudos to you and keep up the work!

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